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Successfully completed project for the establishment of the Master Program in Cultural Heritage and Tourism Management UPZ

06 July 2015

Successfully completed project for the establishment of the Master Program in Cultural Heritage and Tourism Management UPZ

At the University "Ukshin Hoti" in Prizren, on Friday was held a closing conference TEMPUS Project for the establishment of the Master studies program in Cultural Heritage and Tourism Management, the project was prepared by educational organizations "WUS Kosovo" and supported by the European Commission.

All partners have considered successful realization of this project, where the first generation is finalizing the study while the second generation this year continues in the second year of Master studies.

Rector of the University "Ukshin Hoti"  in Prizren, Prof. Dr. Ramë Vataj estimated as highly successful this project, thanks to the cooperation of all involved  local, regional and international partners .

He stressed that this Master level study program will continue to exist in the coming years.

Sara Santori, grant holder of this project from the University of Bologna, said that she was honored to cooperate with all those who have participated in this project very successful.

Bud Dedaj, educational organization "WUS Kosovo" outlined the challenges and difficulties they have had in emplemetimit of this project, which however has been successful. He also thanked all the partners for their contribution to this project, noting that even in the future to cooperate for the realization of certain projects.

Behgjet Brajshori, the project manager also stressed that the establishment of this program  has been well-targeted and has been successful in UPZ thanking all partners  for their accurate cooperation.

The project was successfully implemented in cooperation with the University of Bologna, and the University 'Kathy Pescara' from Italy and other partners, such as the University of Durres, the Institute of Cultural Monuments of Tirana, University of Shkodra, as well as international partners: Institute Katalia from Spain, Warsaw Research Centre, a network of cultural heritage institutes and research from Napoli Italy and Telematics University of Italy.


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Shkencat Kompjuterike

Shkencat Kompjuterike

Shkencat Kompjuterike