Advisory services and expertise for businesses, industries, institutions and community organizations


Ukshin Hoti University will offer a range of consulting services and expertise to community, business, industry, institutions and community organizations. Counseling is one of the important tools by which staff at the University of Prizren can make their knowledge and expertise available to government, public sector organizations, community groups and businesses.

UPZ also benefits from such interactions, as staff restores their experiences and contacts in teaching, research and other roles they have acquired as consultants.

All interested parties can apply to the university with a request for advisory services and expertise in any of the areas.

Services will take a modified and edited form within T2P Center. UPZ is part of the project:




UPZ is the second public university in Kosovo. In 2010 the number of enrolled students was 1700, while in 2014; the number of enrolled students is about 8000...

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