Central Commission for Quality Assurance at "Ukshin Hoti" University in Prizren.

  • Prof. Ass. Dr. Soner Yildirim, president;
  • Prof. Asoc. Dr. Ercan Canhasi, member;
  • Prof. Ass. Dr. Halim Bajraktari, member
  • Prof. Ass. Dr. Kushtrim Braha, member;
  • Prof. Ass. Dr. Rifat Hoxha, member;
  • Prof. Ass. Dr. Ilir Krusha, member;
  • Prof. Ass. Dr. Serdan Kervan, member;
  • MSc. Jasmin Jusufi, anëtar;
  • MSc. Ramadan Baraliu, member;
  • Students' Representative


UPZ is the second public university in Kosovo. In 2010 the number of enrolled students was 1700, while in 2014; the number of enrolled students is about 8000...

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