An international scientific conference, organized by UPZ and international partners was held in Ohrid

02 July 2018

In Ohrid was held an international scientific conference organized by UPZ and international partners.

In the organization of the University  "Ukshin Hoti" from Prizren, Marmara Universities and Balıkesir from Turkey, Faculty of Tourism in Ohrid and Young Scholar Union from Turkey, on 27-29 June 2018 in Ohrid, Macedonia was held the 3rd International Scientific Conference titled: The West of and East, the East of and West. The chair of the conference was the rector of UPZ, Prof. Dr. Ramë Vataj, also organizers from UPZ, Prof. Serdan Kervan from the University of Marmara was Mehmet Aça, Balikesir University, Erdoğan Tezci, and representatives from the Young scholar union, Tugrul Aktaş.

Rector Vataj and representatives of universities and other partner institutions highly appreciated the organization of this conference, while with their work the researchers have made a concrete contribution to the respective fields. The conference was attended by 75 participants with 90 papers, from Turkey, Kosovo, Albania, Italy and Macedonia. The fields of study presented were: education, history, media communication, cinema, television, law, literature, international relations, etc.

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