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Austrians’ donated to UPZ 4600 books

19 October 2017

University "Ukshin Hoti" in Prizren, on Wednesday received a donation of 4600 books from Austrian professors, universities and libraries. The donation of books was made by the Austrian ambassador in Pristina, Mag. Gernot Pfandler and the contingent of Austrian KFOR, who have made the transfer of books. On this occasion, on behalf of UPZ and Rector Vataj, the Vice-Rector Prof. Ass. Dr. Kadri Kryeziu, handed a gratitude to the Austrian ambassador, in gratitude for this precious donation to UPZ. This is a project by Mag. Martina Drescher, a teacher at UPZ from the Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research, Prof. Ass. Dr. Kimete Canaj, chief of the German language department at the Faculty of Philology and Prof. Dr. Izer Maksuti, a teacher in the German language department.

Professor Canaj and Professor Maksuti are staff of prestigious Austrian universities, whose professors in Austria have contributed to collecting books in Austrian universities for UPZ. Books come from the following institutions or persons: Dr. Arnulf Knafl (Correction Program Chief) - OEAD - Austrian Exchange Service, Mag. Margit Kreiter - Library and archive of the main library of Vienna, Mag. Karin Lach - Director of the Department of English and American Studies at the University of Vienna, Prof. Dr. Mag. Hans-Christian Luschützky - Institute for Linguistics University of Vienna, Mag. Stefan Alker-Windbichler - Director of the German Studies Department, Dutch Studies, Scandinavian Studies, University of Vienna.

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Shkencat Kompjuterike

Shkencat Kompjuterike

Shkencat Kompjuterike