Members of the Council of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Science:

  • Prof. asoc. dr. Isuf Lushi - Chairman/dean;
  • Prof. ass. dr. Albana Milaimi - member/Vice dean;
  • LL. M Nexhmedin Krasniqi - member/Secretary;
  • Prof. ass. dr. Faruk Bojaxhi - member;
  • Prof. ass. dr. Kushtrim Braha - member;
  • Prof. ass. dr. Mirvjena Këllezi - member;
  • Prof. ass. dr. Ekrem Gjokaj - member;
  • Prof. ass. dr. Sadik Maloku - member;
  • Mrs. ass. Nol Krasniqi - member;
  • Mrs. ass. Liridon Buqaj - member;
  • Znj. Gresa Llapatinca - member/student;
  • Prof. ass. dr. Ylli Kortoçi - member without the right to vote.


UPZ is the second public university in Kosovo. In 2010 the number of enrolled students was 1700, while in 2014; the number of enrolled students is about 8000...

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