Office for Quality Assurance

PH. D. Cand. MSc. Jasmin Jusufi - Office Coordinator




MSc. Nora Rada - Quality Assurance Officer


Tel. 044423406


The duties and responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Office are:

  • Increasing of awareness-raising activities within the institution regarding the importance of quality assurance;
  • Coordinating implementation of the Strategic Plan with other university staff members;
  • Drafting other documents and instructions necessary for quality assurance;
  • Contributing actively to the university in the function of performing activities related to quality assurance;
  • Drafting internal self-evaluation reports;
  • Collecting and archiving the necessary documents as required by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA), and maintaining regular correspondence with KAA;
  • Involving actively in the overall evaluation of university activities including academic, administrative, and infrastructure staff etc.;
  • Organizing the institutional accreditation process and assisting in the process of accreditation of study programs;
  • Organizing, administering and controlling the evaluation process of academic, administrative staff, students' services, and infrastructure etc.;
  • Managing the distribution process, and publication of evaluation reports;
  • Providing operational assistance to the Quality Assurance Central Committee ;
  • Leading working groups, according to the proposal of the Central Quality Committee at the University level and with the approval of the Rector, to carry out evaluation activities as needed;
  • Ensuring that the Rector’s Office, the academic and organizational units and the university governing bodies apply the dynamics of action plans for the implementation of accreditation standards and KCA recommendations, and drafting reports every three months for the progress of the recommendations
  • Twice a year, the University Quality Assurance Office Coordinator reports to the Senate on Quality Assurance within the University;
  • Leads the accreditation and institutional re-accreditation processes as well as study programs and maintains regular communication with KAA, and other relevant local and international institutions.
  • The Quality Assurance Office is supported by administrative and academic officials in drafting the analysis necessary for this office.


UPZ is the second public university in Kosovo. In 2010 the number of enrolled students was 1700, while in 2014; the number of enrolled students is about 8000...

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Qyteti i Prizrenit

Qyteti i Prizrenit

Qyteti i Prizrenit