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Acting Rector Temaj with associates is participating in the International Scientific Conference in Ulqin

08 *month_full_4 2019

The International  Scientific  Conference "Strategy for Local Economic Development of Municipalities in Balkan Countries with Special Focus on Views, Assistance and Development Opportunities", organized by the Institute for Scientific Research and Development in Ulqin, on Friday has united scientists, academics and experts of the field of economic development from many countries. In this conference from University “Ukshin Hoti” in Prizren are attending Prof. Assoc. Dr. Ismet Temaj Acting Rector, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Halil Kukaj Dean at the Faculty of Economy, as well as Prof. Ass. Dr. Artan Nimani, professor of the faculty of economics and a member of the Steering Council of UPZ. On this occasion at the opening of the conference, a word on behalf of UPZ held acting Rector Temaj. He stressed that it is an honour for UPZ representatives to participate in this event, which will serve the purpose of expanding knowledge and exchanging opinions on the role of science in this area. The main topics of the conference are: Investments and promotion of investments in the field of tourism and hotels; The effect of foreign investments on local tourism; The legal framework for regulating foreign investments in the sphere of economic development and local tourism; Development and regulation of cross-border tourism; The role of infrastructure and agriculture in the field of tourism and hotels; Regulation of institutional cooperation through tourism organizations in the field of tourism; Local taxes and levies in function of local economic development; Innovations in the function of local economic development; Problems of profiling human resources in function of local economic development and tourism; State administration and local economic development.

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