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University “Ukshin Hoti” in Prizren was visited today by Students of the University of Saint .Gallen from Switzerland

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Acting Rector (vice rector) on duty of University “Ukshin Hoti” in Prizren, Prof. Ass. Dr. Shemsi Morina and Acting Head of the International Relations Office Mr. Përparim Avdullahu, on Thursday met with a group of students from the Faculty of Education at St.Gallen University in Switzerland. Acting Rector Morina on this occasion, after welcoming, stressed that UPZ is a relatively young university, has marked numerous successes during these years of operation. He introduced the Swiss students with the composition of the university, with the challenges and achievements over the years. Vice-Rector Morina said that there are six academic units in this university and stressed that it is specific to organize studies in addition to the Albanian and Turkish languages in the Faculty of Education and the FSHK, while informing that in the Faculty of Philology, in addition to language and literature English is also the English and German language courses. Acting Rector on duty (Vice-Rector) Morina said that Kosovo will be eternally grateful for the people and the Swiss state for their contribution to the people and the state of Kosovo. Meanwhile, he stressed that the management of this university led by Acting Rector Temaj is working to raise even higher level this university.

Meanwhile Acting Head of the International Relations Office Mr. Avdullahu emphasized that the university is interested in establishing cooperation with European universities and in this context, cooperation with the Swiss University is welcome. He stressed that German-speaking countries and, in general, Western ones, besides other universities have made a great contribution to the establishment and establishment of this university and we expect this cooperation to expand and deepen in the future.

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Giriş - SMU (SEMS)

Giriş - SMU (SEMS)

Giriş - SMU (SEMS)