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2022/12/09 10:00:00

About the Conference

Welcome to the First International Scientific Conference of the University “UKSHIN HOTI” PRIZREN on 09-10 DECEMBER 2022.

The First International Scientific Conference is a leading conference in Natural Sciences, Humanities and Arts, Health Sciences, and Social Sciences. The BRIDGE 2022 will take place at the University ‘‘Ukshin Hoti” Prizren from 09-10 December 2022.

Scientists today produce millions of research articles, preprints, grant proposals, and patents each year, leaving detailed fingerprints of the work we admire and how they come about. Access to this data catalyzes the emergence of a new multidisciplinary field called the science of science, which, by helping us to understand quantitatively the evolution of science, has the potential to unlock enormous scientific, technological, and educational value.

The conference has become an integral part of scientific life, bringing along nearly centuries of tradition.

The conference work is organized in section meetings in 4 fields of science (Natural Sciences, Humanities and Arts, Medicine and Health Sciences, and Social Sciences), 12 priority research topics, and interdisciplinary.

If you have questions, please contact the organizers or send your question to:

Keynote Speakers