Economics, Business Administration, Management and Finance – Globalization and Development in the World, Environment, Business Studies, Commerce and Economics, Resources, Finance, Global Finance, Management, Business Management, Human Resource and Entrepreneurship & Sustainable Development, Regional Blocs, Integration, Aggregate Demand & Supply, Applied Economics, Budget Deficits & Public Debt, Comparative, Economics, Compound Interest, Consumer Credit, Credit, Econometrics, Economic Development, Economic Growth, Economic Institutions, Economic Systems, Employment and Unemployment, Energy Economics, Fiscal Policy, Fundamental Economics, GDP, Global Economy, Human Capital, Income Distribution, Inflation, Insurance, International Economics, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Money Management/Budgeting, National & Regional Economies, Political Economy.

Education Lifelong learning, Open and Distance Learning (ODL), online learning, e-resources, Globalization and Special Education, Tourism, Eco-Tourism, Health-Tourism. Education Management, Education Policies, Education Programs and Teaching, Quantification and consideration, Distance Education and Technology, Distance Education and Economy, Educational Technologies, Science Education, Primary education, Pre-school education, Guidance and psychological counseling, Social Sciences Education, Technical and Vocational Training, Foreign Languages Education, Art Education, Other.

Law – State and Law, Constitutions, Legal Institutions, Human Rights, Democracy in development, Public administration, Local government, Cyber security, Human Trafficking, International legal aid, Extradition, Alternative Justice Systems, Consumer protection, Copyright, The right of property in Europe, Markets and financial institutions, International aspects of taxation, Global Recruitment Firms, European Union policies, International organization.

Language, Linguistics and Literature– Languages, Literature and Linguistics, Language and Literature, Language acquisition and learning, Language Education, Intercultural Education, Language Teaching Methodology, Language Curriculum Development, Language Testing and Assessment, Social and Cultural Contexts of Language Teacher Education,  Translation,  Poetry and Prose (fictional and non-fictional), Contemporary Literature, Comparative Literature, Media (television, drama, film and others), Medieval and Renaissance Literature, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Theoretical Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Lexicology, Morphology, Phonetics, Phonology, Pragmatics, Text Linguistics.

Engineering – Science, Technology, Global Trends in Engineering and Natural Resource Management, Transport (Roads, railways, ports and harbors).

Computer Science – Library, Information and Communication Technology, AI, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Library Resources, Internet Research and online publishing.

Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Research – Gender, Women and Development, Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Development, Minority Groups and Tensions.

Health and Medicine – Nursing, Medical tourism, Pharmacy and pharmaceuticals, Psychiatry, Alternative medicine, Dietetics and nutrition.

Life Science-Environment  – Agriculture, Crop Husbandry, Agricultural engineering, Extreme weather and agriculture, Forestry, Wildlife Management, Management of equatorial and tropical forests, Water, Mining, Petroleum, other Minerals.

Art and Science – Music, Theater and Art, Art in Society, Film in Education, Art and Museum Management, Contemporary Arts Practice, Applied Arts, Drama, Film and Television, Graphic Art and Web Design, Global Musical trends.