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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance at the University is implemented through a comprehensive framework that encompasses all components. This inclusive approach ensures continuous improvement of the overall educational experience. The key pillars of Quality Assurance include ensuring quality in the development of study programs, teaching processes, research activities, student services, professional administrative work, infrastructure, etc.

Recognizing the fundamental role of students, faculty, administrators, and external stakeholders, the framework actively involves them in assessment and plays a crucial role in quality assurance efforts. Additionally, it incorporates mechanisms for monitoring, periodic evaluation, and rigorous control to ensure continuous quality in every aspect.

The commitment to quality assurance is deepened through an ongoing cycle of improvement, aiming not only to meet established standards but also to exceed them. This proactive and dynamic approach expresses the institution’s dedication to fostering an educational environment that is not only sustainable and effective but also adaptable to the diverse needs and expectations of stakeholders.