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Online Application

Online Application for Registration at the University of Prizren through

“Electronic Management System for Student SEMS.

The students are offered the easiest opportunity to compete online for studies at the University of Prizren. The online application will be done through the address:

The applicant completes a form that will have validations for all fields except for points in grade 13 which is optional. Finally after filling in the data, after clickingApply in this case the applicant will be shown a Thanksgiving Message and the Button (FORM AND FLASHPAGE) to extract the completed Application Form and the Application Fees. The application will contain all the connection details with the payment as well as the UNIREF of the faculty of law, so that the applicant does not go to the faculty to receive the payment bill but uses it to print. Documents to be submitted together with the form of being enrolled as an applicant.

Also, the applicant will return an e-mail containing the link for printing the form and the payment slip (if the applicant does not have a printer at the time of applying, I can print it later on, from the link in e-mail which generates the report for the applicant). Applicants who have applied online with the relevant documents (physical files) that are required should physically go to the relevant file that the applicant verifies as 1 and 1 documents and registers as a Right Applicant to the entrance exam. Applicants with the system are assigned the time and place of the entrance examination, which information is obtained from faculty web sites. In the end, students admitted to the faculty should go back to their faculty’s offices to photograph for ID cards.

General competition, admission and registration procedures at the University of Prizren:

1.To have the necessary documents to be submitted personally to the Faculty:

Certificate of Birth – Original,.

High School Certificates – Original,.

High School Diploma – Original,.

4 Photographs (4,5×6 cm Format)

Identity Card – Copy.

Application Form (Which is supplemented with your personal information when applying Online)

Payment Schedule – 10 € (You are automatically enabled when applying Online, which you press the payment form and go to any of the Banks to make a payment.

2.The expected day for the entrance exam, while on the entrance examination you have only:

Identity Card and

a Writing Tool.

3.Announcement of the Examination Exam results will be done online, the candidate accepted for registration and completes:

Online registration form (the form must be in colour) and

the online payment system in the amount of 50 € (example) for regular studies, respectively 250 € (example) for correspondence studies (Online payment on the University web site, press and go to any of the Banks to make the payment and then provide a certificate that you receive from the Bank and submit it to the Faculty where you are enrolled).

4. On the day you have enrolled for registration, place in the designated place and submit:

Completed Registration Sheet (example),

Payment Schedule,

One File (4.5×6 cm Format) and

Photographed at Faculty for Equipment with ID Card.

5.Upon notification by the faculty in the Student Service, submit:


2 pre-prepared files,

One copy of the payment period per semester and

the registration you receive online from the SEMS system.