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Drafting and Review of Study Programs

The study programs at “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren University are modeled on the qualification objectives. These include subject-related and interdisciplinary aspects as well as the acquisition of disciplinary, methodological, and generic skills and competencies. Aspects refer especially to academic or artistic competencies, the ability to obtain adequate employment, contributing to civil society, and the development of the student’s personality.

The study programs are in line with the National Qualifications Framework and the Qualifications Framework of the European Higher Education Area. The individual components of the program are combined in a way to best achieve the specified qualification objectives and provide acceptable forms of teaching and learning.

Study programs at the University meet European quality criteria.

Drafting of new Study Programs is drawn up based on the University’s Strategic Plan, Quality Assurance Regulations, the Guidelines for drafting and revising the study program, and the Guidelines for drafting and revising Syllabus.

The drafting of the Self-Assessment Report is done by implementing the provisions of the Law on Higher Education, the University Statute, the Administrative Instructions of MESTI as well as the Accreditation Manual of the Accreditation Agency.

Drafting of new Study Programs:

The application for new study programs is made by applying the quality assurance criteria defined in the Quality Assurance Regulation.

Proposals for new study programs are initiated by the Councils of academic units (or other actors), being approved through the Faculty Council and the Senate. The application for the establishment of a new study program can be made after a genuine feasibility study (feasibility study) and by the objectives of the University’s strategic plan and the faculty’s strategic plan. The reasonableness of opening a study program is argued through the design of the reasonableness study. The feasibility study for the new study program is initially approved by the Faculty Council, while it is finally approved by the University Senate and the University Governing Council, after verifying the suitability of the study program.

The feasibility study of the new study program must contain:

  • Labor market feasibility study;
  • Study program profile;
  • Compliance with the Strategic Plan of the University;
  • Compatibility with the national strategy of higher education;
  • Compliance with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF);
  • Adaptability to European and world education trends;
  • Holders of study programs, according to the requirements outlined in the AKA manual for accreditation (Academic call of the holder, the profile of the holder’s studies, the number of works in the relevant field of the holder indexed in the Web of Science platforms (core collection SCIE, SSCI, and AHCI ) or Scopus, excluding journals or questionable publishing houses).

Internal and external review for reaccreditation of existing study programs

A review of existing study programs is done by applying the quality assurance criteria defined by QA Regulation.

Study programs are reviewed at least once a year. During the process of revising the existing study program, the following should be considered:

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI);
  • The results of the evaluation of the study program by the graduates;
  • Results of evaluation of graduates by employers;
  • Results of the assessment of the employment rate of graduates;
  • Consultation with the Industrial Advisory Board (IBB);
  • Report on the implementation of the recommendations of the international expert group;
  • Evaluation of the subject;
  • Evaluation of the teacher and assistant;
  • The strategic plan of the academic unit;
  • Other quality instruments.

The result of the evaluation process of the existing program can be an addition/change, merger, or extinction.

The revision of the syllabuses is done on a semester basis, based on the Guide for drafting and revision of the syllabuses.

The study program review report is proposed and approved by the Faculty Council. In case of change/supplement of the program, the same must receive the approval of the Senate.