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Prof. asoc. Dr. Mentor Alishani,


Vice Rector for Budget, Finance and Infrastructure:

Prof. Ass. Dr. Adelina Rakaj


Vice Rector for Teaching, Students’ Issue and Scientific Researches:

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Armend Podvorica


Vice Rector for International Cooperation and Quality Assurance:

Prof. Asoc.Dr. Serdan Kervan


Faculty of Economics

Prof. assoc. Dr. Drita Krasniqi, dep. Dean,

Faculty of Computer Science

Prof. asoc. Dr. Zirije hasanii, Dep. Dean

Faculty of Law

Prof. asoc. Dr. Muharrem Faiku, Dean,

Faculty of Education

Prof. asoc. Dr. Vedat Bajrami, Dean

Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences

Prof. asoc. Dr. Albana Plakiqi Milaimi, Dean,

Faculty of Philology

Prof. asoc. dr. Xhafer Beqiraj, Dean,


Secretary General, ex officio;

Nexhmedin Krasniqi


Prof. asoc. dr. Izer Maksuti
Prof. ass. dr. Dardan Vuniqi
Ass. msc. Vesel Usaj
Ass. msc. Liridon Buqaj
Ass. msc. Endrit Fetahi

Administration representative, member

Nehat Gashi

President of the students’ parliament, ex officio member

Samire Karavidaj

Students’ Parliament, members

Fatlind Tredhaku
Armend Thaqi



    1. By virtue of the UPZ Statute (Article 47) the duties and responsibilities of the Senate are as follows:

Subject to the overall responsibility of the Board and by the Rector and Vice-Rector, the Senate is responsible for:
1.1. General academic issues related to research, scholarships, teaching and courses at the University, including:
1.2. Criteria for admission of students;
1.3. Teachers selection (academic staff);
1.4. Politics and procedures for assessment and examination to determine the academic performance of students;
1.5. Curriculum content;
1.6. Providing lifelong learning;
1.7. Academic standards, validation and review of courses;
1.8. Quality assurance and assessment;
1.9. The procedure for the award of qualifications and honorary academic titles;
Procedure for dismissal of students due to violation of legal provisions.
Develop a strategy for the academic activities of the University and the resources needed to support them and providing advice to the Rector and the Board.
Development of defence policy intellectual property of the University and its commercial exploitation.
Provide advice on other issues that may Steering Council or Rector require by the Senate.

Duties of the Senate are as follows:

1.1. to approve the Statute of the University, proposed by the Steering Council;
1.2. elect the members of the Board who are proposed by the University;
1.3. 1.3. elect Deans and Vice Deans’ according by the proposal of the Council of the respective academic units;
1.4. 1.4. to dismiss Deans and Vice Deans’ according to the procedure established by this Constitution;
1.5. 1.5. to issue decisions on admission and termination of academic units;
1.6. 1.6. propose other changes in status for approval by the Governing Council.
1.7. 1.7. approve the study programs of academic units;
1.8. 1.8. develop strategies for academic development of the University;
1.9. 1.9. the general regulations for the areas of educational, scientific and artistic;
1.10. 1:10. to establish procedures and criteria for the evaluation of teaching, research and artistic work;

1.11. 1:11. to propose criteria for the enrolment of students, in accordance with this Statute and the Law on Higher Education;
1.12. 1:12. to determine the criteria for dismissal of students;
1.13. 1:13. define academic standards for lectures and teaching quality assurance in accordance with this Statute;
1.14. 1:14. establish the criteria for examination;
1.15. 1:15. determine the content of all academic records and documentation in accordance with this Statute;
1.16. 1:16. establish the procedure for assessment of academic staff in accordance with this Statute;
1.17. 1:17. elect the members of all committees and commissions established by the Senate;
1.18. 1:18. to take final decisions taking into account the objections made by councils of academic units;
1.19. 1:19. decide to award the title of Dr. Honoris Causa;
1.20. 1:20. decide on awarding the title of Professor Emeritus by the provisions of this Statute;
1.21. 1:21. decide to award the title of Honorary Member of the University;
1.22. 1:22. examine issues on the request of the Board or Rector;
1.23. 1:23. examine issues on the request of the student parliament;
1.24. 1:24. issued Rules of Procedure of the Senate;
1.25. 1:25. to review with other issues as determined by this Statute or at the request of the Steering Council, the Rector, faculty councils or the Student Parliament.

Article 49

1. The Senate may establish temporary committees or commissions to advise it on specific aspects of its work.
2. The Senate has a permanent committee, called the Committee of studies under the provisions of this Statute