Dardan Demiri

Dardan is from Mushtisht, he joined the first generation of students who studied Computer Science – Software Design at the University of Ukshin Hoti.

Upon graduating using the knowledge attained, he founded an IT Servicing and a Web Development startup in Mushtisht and Therand called dD TECH and DELTA Flow where he worked for many clients and build web applications.

Seeking new opportunities he decided to work for a German company called ELBA Technologies GmbH as a Robotic Process Automation Engineer (RPA).

At ELBA he worked for different clients mostly big companies like A1 Telekom of Austria, E.ON Electric Services company, DXC Technologies, etc.

Leading two RPA teams he moved to Germany with a focus on delivering high-quality virtual robots that can recover and handle complex exceptions to be fully working, stable, and as human as possible.

Currently, Dardan lives and works in Zurich (Switzerland) for a company owned by two of the largest banks: Credit Suisse AG and American Express called SwissCard AECS. 

He is working as an Advanced RPA Engineer and Operator, automating bank processes for the Credit Card sector and operating the entire Robotic Infrastructure.

For Dardan, the University of Ukshin Hoti was the key to this international success and it can be for you too.

Soon he will publish a book which will explain his journey to success and the key lessons he had to apply to get there!

 You can connect with Dardan on LinkedIn:

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